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CYFIELD owns and operates several manufacturing and production facilities that operate as subsidiary companies supplying the Group and the industry with buildings and materials.


Cyfield is able to deliver a full spectrum of construction projects due to a fully integrated structure with enormous in-house resources and expertise. The company is self-sustained has a strong advantage in low cost and quality execution and all the projects are completed on time, on budget and with the highest standards in a client-first approach.

Central to this capability is an unrivalled fleet of machinery, the largest of any contractor in Cyprus.

From milling machines, excavators and quarry machines to earthworks dumpers and pre-cast concrete equipment, Cyfield can draw on a formidable arsenal of assets collectively worth tens of millions of euros. The last two years alone have seen the company invest €10 million, with another €7 million set to be spent by the early part of 2020.

Its busy workshop ensures such equipment is kept in running order, a vital component of the Cyfield setup which keeps downtime to a minimum, further evidence of its client-centric approach to doing business.

To be more specific some of the machinery that Cyfield Owns are the following:

  • 2 Tower Cranes
  • 2 Mobile Cranes
  • 3 Buldozers
  • 4 Concrete Pumps
  • 8 Diggers
  • 1 Drilling Machine
  • 10 Excavators
  • 10 Finishers For Asphalt Placement
  • 6 Forklifts
  • 4 Graders
  • 4 Low Loaders
  • 5 Milling Machines
  • 35 Roller Machines
  • 9 Skid Steer Loaders
  • 4 Tack Coat Machines
  • 5 Tractor Units
  • 1 Trencher
  • 10 Truck Mixes
  • 6 Single-axle Trucks
  • 13 Octopus Trucks
  • 13 Water Tankers
  • 9 Wheel Loaders
  • 40 conventional cars
  • 10 mini vans
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