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CYFIELD owns and operates several manufacturing and production facilities that operate as subsidiary companies supplying the Group and the industry with buildings and materials.


Quality control laboratory

Quality control of all building materials produced by Cyfield is an important priority for the group. The Group operates a highly equipped and well-organized laboratory, as it is essential to meet the building specifications and ensure high quality results. . The four experienced and well-trained geologists employed in the laboratory are responsible to collect and professionally execute trials on all building materials to ensure optimum quality which are compliant with the European standards. The credibility and effectiveness of the laboratory results is also ensured by the latest technological equipment used to conduct the trials.

The laboratory provides support to all Group’s subsidiaries through testing as well as advice and performs inspections on a wide range of materials both for the public and private sector projects. The Group never stops innovating in engineering, and the lab is responsible for researching new building methods, materials and chemicals that ensure lower costs and higher standards.

Specifically, the Quality control Lab is segmented in four departments:

  1. Building materials and concrete department. This includes laboratory and in situ testing of concrete materials, synthesis of concrete mix designs and research for improving building materials, triturates and concrete.
  2. Aggregates and soil department. This includes laboratory and in situ testing of building aggregates and foundation materials as well as quality control of earthworks and soil work.
  3. Asphalt and pavement department. This includes laboratory and in situ testing of asphalt concrete, laid asphalt and the synthesis of asphalt mix designs. It also includes research on asphalt aggregate materials and pavement construction for maximizing the durability and sustainability of all projects.
  4. Precast department. This includes laboratory tests and trials to check the quality of precast products as well as research for the development of new and innovative concrete products.
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